Eduroam FAQ

How do I obtain a username?

A user is assigned access to the network by his or her home organisation (the organisation where an individual studies or works).
In case of any difficulties with access, the user may turn to the department responsible at their home organisation.

How do I establish a connection?
You can connect to the Eduroam network with different devices, such as:
Laptop ,Tablets, Smart Phoens or other wireless devices that support the standards required.
The device needs to be equipped with a suitable wireless (Wi-Fi) interface that supports the following standards:
802.11b or 802.11g WPA-Enterprise or WPA2-Enterprise security protocol

For specific instructions on how to connect windows 7,8 please refer to the institional specific istructions whose links can be
on Eduroam Support Page

Just how secure is eduroam?
Security has always been at the heart of the eduroam concept. While users can connect to the Internet using services provided by
thousands of participating organisations, all these services must comply to a common standard, providing security of data and
protection of user credentials.

Our colleagues at the Swedish NREN have produced a good document that explains just how secure eduroam is against man in the middle attacks. You can read that document here